Red Flags and High Fives

redflag highfive

Paying attention to the early “signs” when hiring

As I write this blog post I am almost at the end of “drafting” my own first-string team to work with me in supporting the subscribers. Going through this process myself has reminded me of some interesting observations that I want to bring to your attention. They pertain to the job seekers/candidates that have exhibited both positive and negative “signs” as we all travel through the process.

In my case I have located quite a few dental professionals via social media based on a very specific ad that I crafted and posted on craigslist in numerous major cities throughout the country. Needless to say, the response was overwhelming with an average of 25-30 responses from each geographic area. I want to share my personal experience with all of you since mine was one that should directly relate to you, even though I am seeking employees to work with me remotely.

The early stage of my process is directly parallel to yours in many ways, and I felt it was valuable information to share with you. By the way, it’s important for you to know that I had created a couple of different response letters for the various interested parties based on their inquiries.

A little about the advertising contents:

I developed an ad that clearly spelled out what I was seeking as I intentionally craft all my advertising in this fashion. I believe a lot about the job candidate can be garnered when those “special” interested candidates respond by referencing something within the text of the ad itself. Reading and understanding is the first positive sign in my evaluation process.

Response styles:

  1. There were those that simply attached a resume with no cover and no comments, and as I am fairly certain, no clue as to what they were applying for. They simply skimmed its content just enough to get a feel for what is was, and assumed it was something they could do.
  2. Others appeared to “get it”, although immediately wrote back comments to the effect of “what will the pay be?”
  3. Many appeared quite interested, and although I sent them a very detailed return response to their requests they fell off the map and out of site.
  4. Others made it through the first exchange of emails, and although I stated our need to set up phone time (and in spite of my ongoing string of emails reminding them that this must be done), they too fell into an abyss.
  5. Two of them were ready to come on board, had all of their materials ready to go and got lost, never to return my inquiring emails or phone calls. Never another word, never to be found again. Not even a “no thanks no longer interested”.

And the winners!

  1. They were prompt in their responses–keeping the internet dialog going.
  2. We efficiently scheduled all follow-up phone meetings and internet “tours” of our product without a glitch. Clear communication back and forth and on time for every phone meeting scheduled.
  3. They had great questions that were thoughtful and cogent.
  4. They independently checked out via the web and were extremely self-motivated and inquisitive.
  5. Many went so far as to check out my background, my history, what I have done in my career, etc. After all, if they join my team it would make total sense to know what they are signing up for (and with whom), not to mention job security.As I move forward through the process with all of these outstanding professionals I continue to appreciate true “poetry in motion”.

Do you see how this all relates to the early stages of your interview processes? I would like to take a moment to publically thank the outstanding team that will be working with me to support all of our client/dentists and their teams. I am so proud to have each and every one of them with me and feel certain that all who have the opportunity to work with them will feel the same.

Yes, I found the BEST and you can too!


2 thoughts on “Red Flags and High Fives

    • Thanks so much Elaine! Your positive feedback means a lot to me~ There is quite a bit of information for me to share on this subject. Hoping to make a positive difference!

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