Is Hiring Your Worst Nightmare?


Simple but effective steps to ease the process

It’s just a matter of understanding the dynamics and the systems that help to make the hiring process a successful and low-stress activity. My vast experience tells me that many employers just “miss the boat”. Either they hire the wrong person for lack of systems and knowledge, or they let the right person go without even recognizing the skill sets and behavioral style that would fit with their practice culture perfectly.

Here are some key points that will help you change your approach to hire:

  1. It’s important to be clear and know what you are looking for in an employee. Have it all spelled out on paper, and I strongly suggest putting it together with the team’s involvement.
  2. Conduct your proper due diligence and decide on an appropriate salary offering
  3. Make sure the team is involved in the process along the way
  4. Know how to compose your ads and ask for what you want in an employee
  5. Every step taken during the process should have a written support piece to back it up.
  6. The final hire does not mean all is complete. Maintaining the new team member is also a vital component!
  7. Make sure you watch what you say. Asking the wrong questions legally can backfire on the interviewee.

How many of these recommendations do you apply to your interviewing protocol?

So when it comes to baking a cake, would you ever move forward to create the finished product without a recipe? How can you attempt to find a new team member, one of the most important facets of a successful dental practice, without a “proven” format to follow that will assure the right finished product?

With the proper guidance and road tested formats that deliver the best results you can then comfortably move forward to locate the proper candidates and begin the process applying all the right components to assure you of a more successful outcome.

It is not unusual for a highly talented dentist who runs a very successful practice to look the other way rather than to have to deal with the dismissal of ineffective or non-compliant team members. It’s going through the hassle and stress of putting themselves and team members into the arduous nightmare of locating a new employee that’s daunting for them. “Ask me to do anything, but NOT that!”

Have the tools and the “recipe”–it is what will make the difference. Hires should create long-term relationships and if approached properly, you should find that this process does not have to be repeated over and over again.

Granted, people retire and people move away, but proper hiring techniques will enable you to find the right team members the first time.

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