Does A Practice Overview Have Any REAL Value?


What is its advantage for the Team? What is its advantage for managing the practice?


What is a “Practice Overview”?

It is a document that includes all things pertaining to the structure, business model and inner workings of your dental practice.

What might it include?

It should include as much information as you can compile dealing with every area of the practice.


All things pertaining to the Business Office

Examples might be:

  • All team members that comprise the business office, including a breakdown of each employee’s job description
  • Software utilized
  • Business hours
  • List of all insurance products (PPO, HMO, etc.)
  • List of all vendors
  • Location of all printed materials
  • Location of supplies
  • List of all business procedures (i.e.; confirming traditionally, by email or by text?)
  • List of all specialists (if applicable)
  • Scheduling template


Everything pertaining to the Clinical Area

Examples might be:

  • List of labs and systems for handling cases
  • What materials are preferred?
  • Where are things kept?
  • What things are “routinely” done for every patient? (i.e.; offering them a pillow or blanket)
  • Special instructions for setting up and breaking down the room?
  • Utilization of IO camera?
  • Specific tray set ups (some will actually take photos of this for the overview)


Everything pertaining to the Hygiene Department

Examples might be:

  • Visual oral cancer screening or utilization of ViziLite or other advanced technology
  • When might patient be referred to periodontist? (probe numbers?)
  • How long for each procedure?
  • Assisted hygiene?
  • Products sold
  • What is the arrangement for doctor to come in and conduct his exam?
  • Does doctor check in to say hello to every patient?
  • Where are supplies kept?
  • Does hygienist schedule her/his own patients?
  • Hand out educational materials?


These are simply examples. You can make yours rich with information, since the more you include the better informed everyone will be.

Uses for this document:

  1. During the interview process this can be presented so the job candidate can see what their position might entail
  2. As a periodic reminder for current employees who can utilize it as a “refresher”
  3. If someone on the team is filling in for a missing member
  4. When a temporary employee is required to fill in
  5. As a reference guide to use to make sure all systems are maintained
  6. Excellent information to transfer to new owner should a practice sale be made

Once your Overview is created, it should be updated regularly with the entire team present to contribute, making sure all information is included.

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