Yup, I’m That Ant


Pushing for Change

Last week I had the opportunity to present to teams and dentists from Northern California.  I’ve spoken to hundreds of teams and doctors over the years and one common thread seems to ring true for all of them.  Once a new concept, format, system or idea is presented, no matter how engaged or excited the group is to hear what it is that you are going to share, the energy and sometimes the laughter begins to subside.

I find this interesting in that the majority of the audience will lean forward in their seats, hanging on every word, and yet when asked, “Do you have any feedback or questions regarding these new ideas?”, they tend to fall silent almost as if they are trying hard to absorb some very new ways of handling some very old routines.

Typically, after my presentation a number of them will approach me privately and ask some additional questions or ask for more information on my topics and subject matter; or in some cases they ask if they can email me or call.  Of course I am always open to share and converse with them if they would rather not address their questions in front of the group, but more and more I’m beginning to understand and realize why it is that they tend to freeze up during my programs (and probably many of yours too); in particular those speakers that are presenting and discussing a major change within the normal day-to-day operations of the average dental practice.

Advancements in technology and science is something that doesn’t seem to intimidate many people, as they are current with all the new state-of-the-art materials and equipment.  It appears to be the changes in systems and protocols that take a little longer for some to buy into and feel comfortable enough to welcome change.

My focus and specialty is team hire, development, integration and maintenance, which from my observations nationwide have not been significantly changed or improved in, well…I’m going to say at least 50 years. So many paradigm shifts need to be made that I believe are urgent for the health of our industry.

My goal is to continue to push my boulder up the hill and encourage doctors and their teams to make adjustments to the archaic procedures used in dental team development.  Change is so overdue in this area, considering that we have progressed and come so far in the technical aspects of our business.

What is amazing to me is that “The Team”–the segment of our business that truly drives the business–continues to be managed with the same minimal systems, void of structure, entering into the hiring process with no plans in place, no clear idea as to exactly the person they are seeking and no idea what or how they will be paid.  I am happy to report that there were many “ah-ha” moments for the group I spoke with last week.  A number of team members and dentists seemed to get it and they were excited and anxious to make the changes!  There are always a number of positive reactions even though I would be elated to receive 100%!

If I can modernize even one of these antiquated methods that have been kicked around for all these years I will be one happy girl!

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