Show Me The Money!


Got Bad Ads?

I’m always interested in what the job market is looking like for dental professionals, and so I pay close attention and read anything that I can to learn more.  Although I rarely place employees personally at this point, I do stop to read ads whenever I can.  I find it fascinating when I see some of the ad verbiage and the approach taken in what I’m guessing is in an attempt to locate the best and most qualified dental job candidates. One ad I noticed the other day was so poorly crafted that it caught my eye immediately.

Dental Front Office

We have multiple Dental Front Office positions available for our various clients in South Orange County. If you are an experienced, professional front office administrator and have a stable job history, we want to talk to you about our multiple openings with great practices in Orange County.

Experience with insurance is a must and working with Dentrix and/or EagleSoft is preferable. The most important factor is that you are a great representation of our client offices. We are happy to pay for top performers, but you must be able to document your salary history. We need professional dental people, not just anyone.

If you want to make a good income and be associated with well run, stable practices, apply today! You will be contacted by a representative to assess which office you may be a fit for. We look forward to meeting you!


Based on the way it has been constructed, it clearly appears as though they are seeking applicants that are money-driven more than anything else.  Examples here are, “we are happy to pay for top performers”, and “must be able to document your salary history”,  “if you want to make a good income and be associated with well run, stable practices…”.

Oh my goodness…talk about locating those that are totally seeking the almighty dollar, this company will corner the market!  I have always encouraged my clients to realize that emphasizing money will usually attract those that find their compensation the prime motivator, and very little else.

What happened to locating top candidates through messages relating to the type of practice, the culture of the practice, what the practice is known for and what they are most proud of?

My feeling has always been that you get back what you ask for; very much like finding new relationships.  Once dialog of this nature is structured within the advertising text, you are bound to attract those seeking a job and NOT a career.

The subject of money dominates this ad (see above).  Is that what the average employer is seeking to find in an employee?  No doubt you’ll get loads of responses to your ad from many that fit this lackluster type of team member, since there are many out there. But is this really what you are looking for in an employee?

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