The Bottom Line to Success


Hint: it shouldn’t be the numbers

Prior to specializing in dental team development and related issues, I spent many hours working right in the trenches with dental practices to tackle areas pertaining to practice development and management.  Back then I felt much as I do today; and that is that obsessing over the “numbers” is simply not the key to creating a successful dental practice.  I feel even more this way today.

My approach was to have strong, efficient systems in place, enroll the team and educate them on their responsibilities, deliver quality care at fair market prices and not only will “they come” but you can bet you will sell your dentistry and collect what is due to you.

In other words, your revenue and profits will increase because of your operational effectiveness, and  there will be no need to agonize unnecessarily over the bottom line.  With systems and protocols in place along with a reliable, well-informed team, making a habit of checking the numbers will not only be unnecessary, but I see it almost as a deterrent.

Keeping numbers predominant in the minds of employees can actually sidetrack them, making them uneasy and unable to focus on what matters most, which is following what has been designed to work well, giving their patients attention and the utmost of care, and serving as a great representative of your very special practice.

Today as I limit my scope to dental team issues, I continue to feel and support the same methodology.  That is to focus on the care, treatment, customer service, respect for one another, keeping team morale at the highest point. Do this, and trust me, the numbers will happen.

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