Taking the First Step

True progress may require some risk

What is it that allows or compels us to take a risk? To be the very first to attempt something that has never been tried or attempted before? What was it that inspired the first person to fly outside earth’s atmosphere? What gave them the courage to try this with no guarantee that they could ever safely return?

Risks are taken every day and we should all be grateful that this does happen, since if not for the brave souls out there testing the waters for us from everything from food to outer space, just think how stagnant our world would be.

To all the risk-takers in our dental profession I say, “thank you”, and salute you for moving from x-rays taken with big clunky machines that then needed developing in big tanks of solution and fixer to the amazing world of digital technology.

Then there was the giant step from paper appointment books and the peg-board financial managing systems to total computerization of the dental practice.  I can remember so well how long it took for some business office professionals to relinquish their massive scheduling books, fearing that once they transferred all of the vital information into a computer that the day’s, week’s and month’s activities could be forever lost.  Then there is all the insurance, accounts payable, contact information, etc.

We owe so much to pioneers in all walks of life.

I’m personally experiencing this now.  As we roll out Our Perio Team Software, the first of it’s kind specialty cloud-based program for the periodontal profession, we initially saw some skepticism. We fully expected this and were prepared to respond to questions.  But as more and more periodontists and their teams view what we are and what we do, we are seeing eyes open wide and many nods of approval.

Periodontists and team members, if you want to know more and take a personal tour, please let me know at  deb@ourdentalteam.com, and I will gladly arrange for a private walkthrough. You will NOT be disappointed, for as one periodontist said “Wow!! This is truly a game-changer”!!!