I’m not so sure I’m happy with this

Many recent changes in business, politics and life in general

Perhaps my age is showing and if this is the case I’m going to say “I’m happy that it is!”

I’ve been on this planet longer than most of my professional peers, and I shake my head almost daily. I honestly never remember such anger and downright hate that is constantly circulating in every aspect of our world. From the mass shootings to the bullying, and from our government that has become nothing short of a nightmare to my beloved dental profession, the anger is palpable and quite frankly it scares me to death.

Will we ever recover from all of this? I have come to the sad realization that I will never live to see the world the way it was when I was a child over 60 years ago. It’s difficult for me to wrap my head around the way I see my dental professionals treat each other; and more so just the “style” in which many choose to communicate with each other.

The foul language, rudeness, the ungrateful way they react to those who help and support their causes and then turn on a dime, not only forgetting what they’ve been given, but not hesitating for a minute to turn and jump on those who have given their time freely for no other reason than to be generous simply because they care.

We all work hard supporting our cause, and I am no different. But I too have been terribly disappointed by many for whom I have stopped dead in my tracks to offer them help and support when I’m asked for it, only to find that I am being chastised unnecessarily (often with borderline disreputable and questionable business practices).

There are days like today when I feel I don’t belong in the business I’ve devoted 50+ years of my life to. I’ve been patient trying to break through the anger and unreasonable behavior of my peers, and in

particular the “newbies” that are just breaking into a business that I love and respect.

Thank goodness there are still those that have deep appreciation for our honorable profession and take great pride in being a part of it. To you I say, “Thank you!!” I would also have to ask “Where have all the sincere, passionate dental professionals gone?”

2 thoughts on “I’m not so sure I’m happy with this

  1. Debbie, I know how you feel and am a contemporary!

    The scorching divisions that we see today have been developing for many decades. For the most part they are politically-driven. Both parties are guilty of sectionalizing Americans into special interest groups that they can protect in turn for votes. Over the years as the political jargon ratcheted up so too did the divisions between the “protected groups.”

    Suddenly race relations that were once on the mend are now severed like an open wound. Words that were once ignored now become bullying or the basis for lawsuits. A nation that safely carried guns even into the classroom for over 350 years is now viciously divided over if guns should be legal. Every sad mass tragedy is fodder for more pontification rather than identifying problems and solutions.

    Every issue from gay rights to transgenderism, from public education to Healthcare, from the federal abuse of power, to our once respected institutions like the FBI and the CIA have all been politicized.

    The answer is for people to begin to think again. We are being led astray because we haven’t done the homework to separate the facts behind the headlines. We’ve reached the point where our opinions become our truths. Research to uncover the truth has become a lost art. We need to open our minds to those with whom we disagree, and to find common ground in the truth, no matter where it takes us, so that we can move forward in unity rather than division.

    Our educational system is a complete mess and thoroughly politicized. As parents we need to take more responsibility for teaching our own children history Reading Writing arithmetic and morality.

    I believe we have some truly wonderful and supremely intelligent young people in our country. But they have become Pawns in a system that lauds intellectual Freedom at the same time it denies it. Individual neighbors, co-workers, churches, and communities can start working together for the sake of making our Next Generation strong and independent.

    We need to start somewhere and I can’t think of any place better then our children.

    • So beautifully put John……It’s sad to say, but did it finally take the killings in Parkland to “maybe” start getting things back on track? G-d bless those amazing students who are strong and articulate and so bright too!! What a pity that so many people will never be the same after this.

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