Deb Roberge

Bio: With over 35 years in the dental arena, Deb Roberge has most recently concentrated her efforts in team development, exit strategies, and team harmony. Having a past history as clinical assistant, dental office business administrator, crown and bridge lab owner, and practice adviser, along with being a trained mediator and arbitrator, she has accomplished much in the world of dentistry. During her tenure as a practice consultant in 1998, Deb created the prototype in Phoenix that is now a national franchise system with numerous locations currently in operation throughout the country. Deb's ongoing mentoring of her placement agents, coupled with assisting private practices with team related issues has established her as a recognized expert in this valuable specialty. Most recently she and her team have developed ourperioteam, a cloud based software designed specifically for periodontists, their teams, their referring generalists and their teams, all working more effectively together to support their mutual patients.

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